About Us

AJ and Shaun are a happy and loving couple, raising two beautiful daughters in sunny Southern California! They love God, love family, and love spending time together. They are dedicated to Livin' Golden each and every day of their lives and setting an example not only for their daughters, but hopefully for others too, igniting a passion in them to Live Golden as well.

It is AJ & Shaun's desire to provide their readers with the right tools in their tool kits for success. This collection of blogs will talk about family, finances, travel, lifestyle and all things to help every individual Live Golden.

Meet the Family

AJ is the financial guru of the family! He loves crunching numbers, and figuring out creative ways for people to utilize their talents to make a living. Shaun loves to write and create, and she takes the most pride in caring for her beautiful family. Eriel is the actress and she loves bringing joy and smiles to others through her art. Destiny is the voice and she loves to speak up for justice and doing the right things.

We all bring a uniqueness to the I'm Livin' Golden brand, and we are all ambassadors. We believe that we have something special to offer to others, and we are eager to share our journey with each of our readers!

AJ Golden

Life Fulfillment Architect

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Shaun Golden

Life Appreciation Columnist

I love life! I love the idea of being able to inspire others, and spread some happiness and sunshine in the world. I love to see the good and beauty in people, and I want to give that goodness and beauty a voice. I feel truly blessed and I'm very grateful for my life. Some of my favorite things to do include preparing great meals for my family and friends, watching movies, and traveling with my amazing husband and our daughters.

Eriel & Destiny

Livin' Golden Contibutors

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